Healthcare & The Web

One of the things I'm a bit obsessed with is how we can better use the web to drive down the cost of healthcare.  With that in mind, I saw a post from Fred Wilson (the VC/Blogger) last week talking about healthcare and healthcare investment.  His simple point was that his VC firm hasn't found a large number of companies to fund in the healthcare space that fit their investment thesis.  In his words:

"But we haven't seen many large networks of engaged users emerging in healthcare. "

As usual, his post started a wave of comments -- 394 last time I checked.

Because I'm very passionate about this topic, I weighed in with my two cents and I thought I'd post my comment here (see below).

Over the next few years I expect that we'll see more and more companies using the power of the web (social, gaming, mobile, engagement, incentives, etc.) to address the healthcare problem.  And as a a result we'll see more and more capital (early stage and late stage) flowing into this space.