My BlackBerry - Part 2

Blackberry-logoBack in January I wrote about post about all of the things I use my BlackBerry for and how I believe that handhelds are coming closer and closer to eliminating the need for personal computer use.  It's interesting to watch how this list increases over time.  Here's an updated list.

  • Phone (home and cell)
  • Texting
  • Email (work and personal)
  • Blogging (because the keyboard is so easy to use, I rarely feel the need to write on my laptop anymore)
  • News. I've setup the Reader on the device so I get real time news feeds from all of my favorite news outlets and blogs. I get more news through my BlackBerry than other format.
  • Personal calendar, address book, tasks and notes
  • Alarm clock
  • General web surfing
  • Facebook (I have the application though I rarely use it)
  • Camera
  • Watching video
  • Online radio (through Pandora)
  • Sports Radio (through Flycast)
  • Navigation (Google Maps is a great application when it works)
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009