Diversify Your Job

There are all kinds of books, blogs and articles telling people that they should get out of their boring jobs, start their own business and go to work for themselves. While I fully agree with the spirit of this advice, the fact is that we all already work for ourselves.

The problem is that we only have one customer -- our employer.If that “customer” goes out of business or decides it doesn’t want to work with you anymore (lays you off/fires you), then you’re completely screwed. This describes most people’s current lot in life, i.e. most people only have one job. Does anybody else think this is crazy?

The advice shouldn’t be to go off on your own and start a new business, the real advice should be to diversify. Find a way that you can have income coming from several different employers and/or clients.

A smart investor would never put all of their money into one company. A smart company would never put all of their resources into one client. That would be stupid. Because if that company or client disappears, then so do you.

Why is this different for workers? Why is it acceptable for a worker put all of their time and energy into one company?