An Internet Business Idea

Here's an internet business that I'd be happy to invest in and I hope someone creates. A website where I can select my favorite clothing retailers, my zip code and my sizes. The site will feed back items in my size and location that are on sale. I could then reserve the items I like and if I get to the store within, say, 24 hours, the items are mine.

Of course the site would have email alerts for specific items I'm watching. This wouldn't apply to a widespread sale across the whole store or across an entire clothing line. I'm referring to a specific item that the store believes it can't sell at full price and gets stuck on a sale rack, never to be found.

Someone out there really wants to buy it at that price but there's no mechanism for the retailer to tell that consumer that it's available.  This website would facilitate that communication.

The value for the consumer would be savings and good clothes at the right price point. The value for the retailer would be far more efficient inventory management, increased traffic and sales, more intelligence to set prices and enhanced customer loyalty.