Is Innovation Accelerating Or Decelerating ?

I came across a great debate the other day between Peter Thiel and Marc Andreessen on the question of innovation and whether it is accelerating or decelerating. I found Thiel's perspective on this super interesting as he talked about the massive lack of innovation we've seen since the 1970s with regard to transportation and energy and infrastructure. I also enjoyed the debate around which metrics are best to use when measuring innovation acceleration -- things like GDP per capita, number of engineers and researchers, cultural attitudes toward technology, speed of cars and planes, patents filed, etc. Finally, I've always wondered why it seems that most of the notable venture investors out there always seem to be so heavily focused on computer and software engineering as opposed to more structural opportunities like energy, transportation, construction, finance, education or healthcare. The simple reason is that computer and software engineering is the one area that government regulation has (for the most part) not yet slowed down. This is why you're seeing the venture community so interested in things like virtual reality, drones and Bitcoin -- these are opportunities outside of software engineering that haven't yet been regulated. Little regulation means good opportunity for growth.

I enjoyed the debate so much I posted the video below. It's about 57 minutes long.