My Interview With Yesware

Last week Jessica Stillman, a freelance writer for the Yesware Blog, contacted me to do an interview on the topic of CRM compliance. See the full interview here. One of the fundamental challenges with CRM compliance is that sales reps often don't understand why managers need them to do lots of data entry because they don’t know what managers are actually doing with the data.  The main point I made in the interview was that managers should be much more transparent on this. Not only should they show their reps how they use the data to manage their business and make good decisions and communicate what’s happening on the ground up to the board and executive team, managers should take it a step further. They should actually allow their reps present directly to the executives and/or board using reports that pull their own individual data from the CRM system.

I found that doing this is extremely empowering to reps and dramatically reduces the friction that comes from low CRM compliance.  If you find this topic interesting, I recommend checking out the full post.