The Big 4 Internet Companies (Continued)

A year ago this month someone asked me this question: if I had to invest in one of the big four internet companies -- Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google -- which one would it be? Without hesitating, I chose Amazon. I wrote a post about my reasoning at the time.

One year later, I thought I'd check in to see if I made the right choice. Here's how each of the stocks performed in 2012:

  • Facebook - down 17% (since their IPO in March)
  • Apple - down 1%
  • Google - up 33%
  • Amazon - up 47%

So it turns out I made the right call. Too bad I didn't put my money where was my mouth was.

That said, it's not a completely missed opportunity. I definitely think there's still a lot of money to be made on Amazon. I'm probably even more bullish on them now then I was 12 months ago.