My iPhone's Home Screen

I had a conversation the other day about the apps I have on my iPhone's home screen. I thought I'd capture the list here. Here's a screenshot. photo

Foursquare. I like 'checking in' because it keeps a record of the places I've been. I don't interact with people on it but the 'explore' function is good for finding new bars, restaurants and coffee shops. It's better than Yelp in many ways.

Twitter. I don't Tweet all that frequently but I check my feed multiple times a day.

Reeder. This is where I read the blogs that I follow. I check it multiple times a day.

Facebook. I'm trying to move away from using Facebook. I hardly ever post though I check it a couple times a day.

Google Maps. The best mapping app I've ever used. I use it constantly when I'm on the road.

LinkedIn. I interact with people through LinkedIn almost every day. I also check it sporadically for news and other updates.

WEEI. This is an app for my favorite Boston sports talk radio station. I listen to it pretty much every morning.

TripIt. This app keeps me organized when I travel. I wrote a post about it a while back.

Instagram. I don't use it that much but I have it on my home screen as a reminder to take more photos.

Podcasts. I listen to multiple podcasts a day.

Weather. Very simple app. I've preset the cities I travel to most frequently so I can easily find out what to expect.

Kindle. I don't use this app all that often as I prefer to do long form reading on a larger device. But I try to crack it open while I'm on the subway.

Music. I have lots of music apps (screenshot below). I'm still trying to determine the app(s) that work best for me. I probably use Pandora the most these days. I'm going to write a post on this in the coming weeks.

photo (2)

Settings. I have this on my home screen so I can easily manage wi-fi connections. I wish there was an easier way to manage these on the iPhone.

Clock. I use the alarm clock app daily.

WordPress. I've actually never written a blog post on the app but I use it often to capture new ideas.

So that's my home screen. It'll be interesting to see how this changes over time.