Business Review Agenda

Some colleagues have been asking me about the best format for a business review.  I thought I’d post my recommended agenda here:

  1. Where Are We Now
    • High level overview of business
    • Metrics we track – Leading & Lagging
    • Actuals
    • What’s working/what’s not working
  2. Where We Want To Be
    • Goals by week, month, quarter
    • Current gap to goal
  3. How We’re Going To Get There
    • Initiatives
    • Pipelines
  4. Why you should believe we can get there
    • Success Story (Case Study)
    • Proof Points
    • Qualitative Progress/Testimonials

The thinking here is that the person you’re presenting to wants to understand how you look at the business, how you’re doing, how you’re doing against goal, what your plan is to close the gap and, finally, some proof as to why they should believe in you.  Obviously, any smart manager will poke holes in each section and look for your weaknesses.  But generally speaking if you have a plan you believe in and can do each of these things well the meeting should go pretty smoothly.