Disruption, Illustrated

I came across a two very neat examples of disruption over the past few weeks. The first is from Digital Music News and graphically depicts music distribution by medium since 1981, it's fascinating to watch cassettes and CDs grow exponentially and then disappear just as quickly.  Depending on your browser you may need to slide your mouse over the image to turn it on.

30years.gif (550×500)

The second is from Chris Dixon's blog and illustrates recent disruption in the video game market.  Below are images of the instructions to play Angry Birds versus the most recent version of John Madden Football, arguably the most successful video game for the last ten years.

Over time the incumbent often builds complexity into its product to satisfy customers, to give them more.  But at the same time that complexity can leave new customers behind.  This creates the opportunity for a new entrant like Angry Birds to swoop in and provide a far more easy to use product for the majority of consumers.  At last check Angry Birds had sold more than 200 million downloads.

Angry Birds

Madden NFL 12