Jobs and Young People

I was talking to  a friend the other day about the value of children starting to work at an early age.  I think it’s a critical part of building and shaping a young person’s work ethic and eventual ability to create value.  As a young person working, you get to see the correlation between effort and return, understand the spectrum of hardworking people that produce and lazy people that don’t.  You build relationships, learn how to manage up, learn how to add value and how to get what you want from work relationships. Personally, my parents strongly encouraged me to work and work hard at a very early age.  While I’m sure I didn’t like it at the time, I know I can thank those experiences for the work ethic and ability to produce results I have today.

For fun, I took a couple of minutes to jot down some of the jobs I’ve had over the years (I tried to put them in somewhat of a chronological order).  I'm sure I forgot some so I'll add them as I think of them.  Regardless, I can't even begin to count the number of important lessons I've taken from each of the jobs on this list.

  1. Newspaper Deliverer
  2. Playground Supervisor
  3. Altar Boy
  4. Camp Counselor at a Baseball Camp
  5. Dishwasher at a Private School
  6. Babysitter
  7. Dogsitter
  8. Basketball Referee
  9. Baseball Umpire
  10. Landscaper
  11. Mover
  12. Snowplower/Shoveler
  13. Waiter at a Nursing Home
  14. Golf Accessories Salesperson
  15. Dishwasher at a Seafood Restaurant
  16. Lifeguard at a Lake
  17. Parking Attendant
  18. Swimming Instructor
  19. Lifeguard at a Pool
  20. Lifeguard at the Ocean
  21. Fitness Center Supervisor
  22. Certified Personal Trainer
  23. Entrepreneur – Accounting/Bookkeeping Business
  24. Office Manager
  25. Advertising Salesperson
  26. Marketing Director
  27. Business Manager
  28. Nonprofit Co-Founder
  29. Director – Business Development
  30. Senior Director – Business Development