Apple Earphone

Apple_earphones_with_remote_and_micOver the past six months I've cycled through at least six pairs of earphones; I lost one or two, most of them broke. Most were pretty inexpensive but I did spend about $80 on the Bose in ear headphones. The sound was awesome but they're very delicate and terrible for exercise.

I just picked up a pair of Apple's earphones that include volume control and a microphone that can be used with your cell phone. These earphones are by FAR the best out there:

Sound is awesome

  • They feel sturdy and seem less likely to break
  • The microphone is really convenient
  • Very comfortable and they don't fall out of my ears no matter how fast I run
  • They don't have rubber buds that are easy to lose and never seem to fit right

They're only $30 Once again, Apple wins with a great product.