B2B Citizens

Once again the great Seth Godin and friends are changing the language of marketers.  I love when this happens so I hope it takes hold.

He's recommending that we stop referring to potential buyers as prospects and targets; rather we should refer to them as "citizens".  See the post here

While I love this word and agree with his motivation, doesn't this seem a bit B2C driven?  That is, I'm not sure we should refer to potential B2B buyers as citizens. 

What's the difference?  When I think of a consumer in this context, I think of a person that doesn't need me, that has choices, that has power.  When I think of a business in this context, there's less power.  That is, while a business may not need me, they do need solutions to big problems to keep their business running.  Citizen is a great word because there's this sense that they're just standing around and might never need to do anything other than eat and sleep.  I have to make something that's great to get them to act. 

Businesses aren't just standing around, they need to act to survive; they (in many cases) need me more than the consumer.

I think there's a difference.  Thoughts?