The Music Industry & The Long Tail

There's a brilliant post from Seth Godin today on the music industry that's worth reading a couple of times.  And not just for people that work in the music industry. Check out it here.

Here's what I think is the most powerful sentence in the entire post:

"You used to sell plastic and vinyl. Now, you can sell interactivity and souvenirs."

I've been thinking about this for a while but it's nice to finally hear an expert say it so plainly.  To me, selling copyrighted music in the digital age is like selling the Mona Lisa  -- once you've sold one copy you've sold em' all.

Knowing how quickly old industries can disappear and new opportunities can pop up, here are a couple questions that we should all ask ourselves at least once a year...

If record companies can go from being extremely profitable to being forced to sue their customers to having a superfluous product and being forced to sell souvenirs and interactivity in about a decade, what could happen to my product?  And what am I doing about it today?