Random Insights

Here are some somewhat random insights that I picked up this week...

There’s no such thing as the “Internet Bubble”.  Yes, the stock market went way up and way down.  But if you look at internet traffic over the last 20 years, you’d have no idea when the bubble occurred.  Internet traffic has increased steadily.

Large companies that are working with small companies prefer that any disputes that arise go to arbitration, as opposed to the courts.  Reason: the general public is far more sympathetic to the underdog than a third party arbitrator.  The arbitrator must go by the book and has a reputation of fairness to build and uphold.  Big companies will push to have arbitration in their agreements with startups.

When betting on a startup, there are 3 things that matter: 1.) people 2.) a huge commitment to be successful from the management team and 3.) a large market opportunity.  If those things are in place, nothing else matters -- the plan, the product, the pitch, the competition, all of that will change pretty quickly anyway.

25% of Groupon’s revenue comes from health care related daily deals.