Answer to My Favorite Interview Question

Several weeks ago I posted my favorite question to ask a job candidate.  This is the question:

How do you see yourself adding value to a company?  That is, when you get a job, a company is going to invest in you and pay you (hopefully a lot), so, ideally, what would you like to be doing on a weekly, monthly, quarterly basis to ensure a high return on that investment? 

I thought I'd post my own answer to this question here.  For me, the answer to this question is always evolving.  But there are three critical pieces to the answer that must always be there for me.  What I want to do has to be something that 1.) I really enjoy doing 2.) I'm pretty good at and 3.) is something people will pay for now and into the future.

With that in mind, here's my answer:

I'd like to take innovative products that solve important problems and shape them and the stories around them to get them adopted into the market well before the market is ready.